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Pearly Drops

Pearly Drops announce new album ‘A LITTLE DISASTER’ via CASCINE and share latest single "Kiss Away The Pearly Drops".

Finnish duo Pearly Drops - AKA Sandra Tervonen and Juuso Malin - announced their upcoming LP ‘A Little Disaster’ set for release April 14. The news is paired with the release of their latest single Kiss Away The Pearly Drops out now via independent Los Angeles-based imprint Cascine.

Pearly Drops – the duo fashioning a world out of softly smudged, contemporary pop music – announce their long-awaited 11-track sophomore album ‘A Little Disaster’. With the creation of the album coinciding with doomsday-esque global events, the band found themselves feeling unarmed and weary in a world constantly on the verge of disaster.

Amongst the madness, they found solace in their creative work, finding peace in the studio for some self-restoration and introspection. Drawing narrative from picturesque art-house and horror movies as well as avant-garde fashion and digital culture rabbit holes, the album paints the scene of vivid nightmares and somber undertones whilst maintaining that unmistakable Pearly Drops sound. Serving as their own self-contained audiovisual continuum, the album and single covers were hand painted by singer/producer Sandra in the band’s Helsinki studio. She reflects:

“I started to associate more and more radiant pigments – or luridness, even – with the album, as I felt like the sense of irresolution and anxiety was so prevalent on the songs. There was also this kind of cozy warmth and tenderness (despite all the ominous undercurrents)

I wanted to embody in the cover art.”

Their multifaceted DIY-spirit makes them a unique prospect as they create all facets of their output including the press shots, styling, videos and visuals. The new album follows their breakout LP, Call For Help’.

Latest single, Kiss Away The Pearly Dropssets the stage for this remarkable body of work by laying down a bed of deep-toned bass guitar riffs, a warm classic beat, and glistening synths creating an almost ethereal sound. Sandra’s soft vocal leads match up against bold instrumental that dictates the dark lyrical narrative effortlessly, as the song navigates its way through the themes of loss and grief. When discussing their latest single, the band explained:

“It’s about letting go (of someone or something) - sometimes it’s the living people that make us feel like we’re living in a coffin.”

Despite the morbid allusions, “Kiss Away The Pearly Drops” has an aura of flamboyance with a celebratory feel. The band calls it the power-ballad of the album – “a funeral bop.” The track follows on from the 2022 melancholic anthem I Cry While You Sleep’.

And while Pearly Drops is a new name to many, Sandra and Juuso are an accomplished double-act. Alongside their own productions, the label owners and artists have provided compositions to acts including ALMA, Nightwave and Inga Copeland. They’ve earned golden and platinum records for their work with others and have been awarded the Teosto Prize – one of the Nordic countries’ most prestigious symbols of recognition. Their snatches of nostalgic soundscapes combine to create a sense of time and placelessness, a feat that has gained recognition across the spectrum of the alternative media. 2023 is the year the world takes notice.


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