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Palace Winter

Danish/Australian duo Palace Winter release their new single "Won't Be Long" taken from their forthcoming album '... Keep Dreaming Buddy' which is out 23rd October on Tambourhinoceros.

PalaceWinters Carl Coleman received a shock last year when he learned of a loved one’s urgent illness.

In “Won’t Be Long” this sudden reckoning with imminent loss is symbolized by the ghost of a woman, who appears unexpectedly to remind him that it won’t be long until things get better… or worse.  “Why the f*** does s*** like this happen?” asks Coleman, seemingly on his knees, pleading with greater forces in the sky.

But despite it’s solemn theme, “Won’t Be Long” is upbeat, danceable, even — pointing with a trickster’s smirk at how we tend to run from life’s difficult confrontations... our ghosts stalking silently behind us.

Following up “Top of the Hill (feat. Lowly), the lead single which was released in June, “Won’t Be Long” leaves an impression of coming from the same world, yet at the same time from an alternate universe.  The two singles are characterized by contrast embedded within commonality, a familiar theme for PalaceWinter, who often employ juxtaposition of melancholy and joy; potency and spaciousness. “Won’t Be Long” introduces us more starkly to the theme of ...Keep Dreaming, Buddy -  a title which could be taken genuinely or condescendingly. 

Won’t Be Long” is also marked by PalaceWinter’s search for inspiration in unexpected places. The dry, distorted guitar is a subtle nod to Weezer and T. Rex, and the synth at a more glammy M83, by Hesselager’s telling. Further drawing on inspiration from earlier eras, the duo describe the opening vocals as a bid at creating a “gospel choir in space”, repeatedly chanting the song’s title to transform the heavy theme into an uplifting energy, in line with the gospel vein.

Musically, it’s one of the most flamboyant and sassy songs on the album, I reckon”

says Coleman.

PalaceWinter’s third album …Keep Dreaming, Buddy, out October 23rd on Tambourhinoceros will be a portal into their new reality of brighter colors, even more disparate influences, and their ghost’s constant reminders of life’s teetering balance.

“Which way is it all going to tip?”

asks Coleman

The album also features guest vocalists, Jason Lytle (Grandaddy), Soffie Viemose (Lowly), and Marie Fjelsted (Penny Police).

Palace Winter are Australian lead singer and guitarist Carl Coleman, and Danish classically trained pianist and producer Caspar Hesselager. Their third album is once again mixed and mastered by Hesselager and self-produced by both Hesselager and Coleman.

Palace Winter - ...Keep Dreaming, Buddy


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