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Oslo Twins

Bristol dream-pop outfit Oslo Twins round of the year with two new remixes of "Miss Yesterday", courtesy of Cloth and Nightbus. Debut EP 'Back to Nothing' out now via Fascination Street Records.

Bristol dream-pop outfit Oslo Twins have shared two new remixes, courtesy of Glasgow band Cloth and Manchester trio Nightbus.

Led by songwriters Claudia Vulliamy and Eric Davies, completed by Ed Lyness (keys), Will Snelling (bass/guitar) and Luke Brown (drums), over the past 18 months Oslo Twins have taken the London and Bristol live music scenes by storm, supporting acts such as The Last Dinner Party, Blondshell, The Comet Is Coming, Picture Parlour, English Teacher, THUS LOVE, Folly Group, amongst others.

This week, the band have release two new remixes of EP highlight "Miss Yesterday" by Cloth (Rock Action Records) and Nightbus (So Young Records).

Speaking on their reinterpretation of the song, Cloth said:

“We really loved the original recording of Miss Yesterday and wanted to preserve the vocal melodies whilst turning the arrangement on its head a bit. The vocals on the track are amazing and there are so many little parts in the song’s instrumentation so it was a lot of fun to go through them all, chopping things up and twisting them around.

In the end, we decided to go down a darker, electronic path with things, keeping the verses quite sparse and building things up to a big, pulsating chorus. We’re really happy with how the remix turned out!” 

On their own reimagining of "Miss Yesterday", Nightbus said:

"We were delighted to remix Oslo Twins track. As a band we are particularly fond of Bristol and its music scene (past and present), which is what we wanted to pay homage to when creating this remix. This influence is present in our work already and formed the process that we took whilst remixing “Miss Yesterday”.

Whilst the track is energetic and upbeat, there is an ever-present ambience and melancholy which we couldn’t help but exaggerate. Slowing the tempo, accentuating the ambient guitars and synths, and chopping the delicate vocal helped to create the ambient space, for which the drum break and low-end trudge along underneath.

The remix essentially created itself and the whole process felt very organic, which is a testament to Oslo Twins song writing and production."

Oslo Twins are the first signings to Fascination Street Records - the label founded by producer Ali Chant (Yard Act, Perfume Genius, Aldous Harding, Katy J Pearson) in partnership with Bristol's Factory Studios

The band released their debut EP 'Back To Nothing' via Fascination Street Records earlier this summer, an eclectic 4-track subtly influenced by dance, industrial and lo-fi music of the 80s and 90s, adorned with distinctive, hooky pop melodies.

The EP received notable support across its release from BBC 6 Music (Guy Garvey, Steve Lamacq, Amy Lamé, Huw Stephens), The Independent,, Rough Trade, The Line Of Best Fit, amongst many others.

The songs on Oslo Twins' debut EP vary in mood from the danceable anthem “Miss Yesterday” to the rhythmic and otherworldly “Basilica”, all connected by a sense of distant places and the tension between unity and isolation.

Recruiting the likes of Harry Furniss from Bingo Fury (cornet) and Tom Connolly (violin) of the band Quade to contribute to the EP recordings, the four tracks on 'Back to Nothing' showcase Oslo Twins’ distinctive amalgamation of sounds; organ, fiddle and vibraphone all complimenting ethereal and danceable synths and Claudia Vulliamy's vocals which move seamlessly between delicate and intimate sections to more intense and powerful segments.



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