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Delivers a message of hope and healing on poignant 'This Ain't Your Home' out 16th April 2021.

Berlin based alt-pop singer-songwriter NOVAA returns with 'This Ain't Your Home', her brand new release lifted from the forthcoming album 'She's A Rose' due later this year. Fusing delicate electronics over Novaa's haunting, serene vocals, she offers a poignant message of healing and hope in these troubled times.

Novaa details the track:

"'This Ain’t Your Home' came into being when I started realising that I had been sexually abused. It’s bizarre that very often you don’t see the harm that was done to you until somebody does not treat you harmfully. In our society there are a lot of inequalities, a lot of injustices, one of them being sexism. Now very often when we talk about this issue we miss out on talking about the effect it has on being intimate with each other and the harm it can cause there. Tabooing this leaves more space for this harm to grow, so writing this song was healing for me, as it was healing for me to speak up about this. Even if at times it can feel lonely to face your struggles, you are never alone with them. Speak up, talk to your family, your friends, your loved ones."

24-year old Novaa's star is on the rise. Her recent album 'The Futurist' (2020) and self-titled debut (2019) were lauded by tastemaker press and peers internationally. 2021 will bear witness to Novaa's brand new full length effort 'She A Rose', marking her out as a rare talent to watch out for this year.

'This Ain't Your Home' will be available digitally across all platforms on 16th April.


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