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No Windows

No Windows share new single "Fibbs" from their new "Point Nemo" EP out 3rd May via Fat Possum. On tour with Lime Garden.

The Sound Of Young Scotland award-winning Edinburgh duo, No Windows, made up of 18 year old multi-instrumentalist Morgan Morris and 19 year old vocalist Verity Slangen, have shared a new single titled “Fibbs”.

The duo returned earlier this year with the news of their signing to Fat Possum Records and a new EP titled “Point Nemo” which is due out 3rd May.

Taking its name from the location farthest away from land in the world, the five track EP evokes wintry isolation, and marks a significant step forward for the duo, taking inspiration from the expansive sound-worlds of Elliott Smith and Cocteau Twins, their Scottish peers Cloth and Jacob Alon, and a shared musical curiosity that is all their own.The effortless musical chemistry of No Windows comes from the tight relationship at its core.

Verity and Morgan met as young teenagers at school in Edinburgh, after Morgan came across Verity who shared videos online of her singing. They quickly established a friendship and an artistic bond, with Verity adding her emotionally charged lyrics to Morgan’s bedroom recordings.

In December 2022, their debut EP Fish Boy was released; a public introduction to their strong songwriting and intricate, fuzz-pop arrangements that earned them a spot in last year’s NME 100 list, and plaudits from the likes of international media outlets, as well as live appearances in The Great Escape’s First Fifty and the 2022 Connect festival.

Over a year later, Morgan and Verity are pushing their artistry forward.

“Fish Boy was our first experience of putting together a body of work,. With ‘Point Nemo’ we’ve gained a lot of confidence and knowledge. I think we improved on a lot of the basics as well: structuring songs, stronger melodies.”

explains Morgan.

Morgan’s production has also evolved significantly: the songs sound bigger and denser, with multi-tracked backing vocals, unexpected countermelodies, tape delay, and field recordings.The first taste of this evolution came in the form of the new EP’s lead single “Song 01”, earning plaudits from the likes of BBC 6 Music, and more.

The new single “Fibbs” give further insight into the band’s explorative nature, experimenting with gleaming synths layers and alt-pop inflected vocals. The track meditates on tumultuous relationships and the stagnation that often comes from being trapped in those vicious circles.

Speaking on the track, Verity says:

"Fibbs is my favourite song on the EP, it was written in a time where I was very emotionally charged, and I decided to create a new habit of writing in this state. It was originally written by me just playing very simple chords on guitar and singing and then sending this to Morgan.

The song ties in well with the rest of the EP as this was written in October, at a time when relationships in my life were becoming much more strained.

I wanted to depict the self-destructive loops that are very easy to get in, and I managed to break one by writing the guitar melody and lyrics for this."

The single is also accompanied by another stunning and dramatic new video shot in the Lake District with Humble Film Productions, continuing on from the earlier video for “Song 01”.

With a mature, reflective eye, Verity’s lyrics examine changes in relationships and emotions as reflected in nature.

“Lyrically, it’s very bleak and cold, It’s about that transition from summer into winter and trying to face the isolation that winter brings. The cycle that I have through the year is quite a significant one.”

she says of the EP.

The resulting song “Fibbs” is perfect guitar-pop, sweetened by drops of synthesiser and the pair’s close-knit harmonies.The EP is also their first time introducing an outside producer into the fold: Ali Chant (Dry Cleaning, Sorry, Yard Act, Aldous Harding, Soccer Mommy, Youth Lagoon) who mixed the album with Morgan and Verity in his Bristol studio.

“That was our first time passing on an element of control to someone outside of us,”

says Morgan, who admits he and Verity are both “massive fans” of Ali’s previous work.

These steps forward bode well for the next chapter of the band, bolstered by their October 2023 win of the coveted Sound of Young Scotland Award at the annual Scottish Album of the Year (SAY) Awards. Chosen by a panel of previous SAY nominees, the award represents a key co-sign from the Scottish music community, alongside mentoring, studio time and vinyl pressing.2024 is set to be an important year for No Windows, with the release of “Point Nemo and numerous live appearances including a short support tour with Lime Garden and a slot at The Great Escape. The most important work will be going on behind the scenes though, as Verity and Morgan continue to evolve their sound and make good on their significant artistic promise.

Photo by Rosie Sco

“Point Nemo” is out 3rd May via Fat Possum

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