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Nicolas Michaux

Belgian indie-rock, Nicolas Michaux shares new single "Enemies" taken from the new album, Amour Colère out this Friday, September 25 via Capitane Records.

BBC 6 Music-tipped Belgian singer-songwriter Nicolas Michaux is sharing his new single ‘Enemies’.

This is the latest and final track to be lifted from his forthcoming album, Amour Colère which is due for release on September 25, 2020 via Capitane Records. The forthcoming ten-track collection, which translates to ‘Love Anger’, is a collection of touching and personal songs to Michaux, recorded at his place on Samsø Island, Denmark during winter and spring of 2019. The accompanying visual for the new single is intended to give a surreal impression of the musicians and how they worked together during the time of lockdown using a kaleidoscope of reflections.

'Enemies' follows in the wake of previous releases that have found support at BBC 6 Music, Rolling Stone France, Secret Meeting, and more. ’Enemies’ is a resounding highlight from the forthcoming release, once again finding Michaux turning to the taught percussion work of his band, The Soldiers of Love, to provide a resolute backdrop for his commentary on socio-economic frustration in the labyrinth-like world of capitalism that we exist within. 

Thematically, the track dives into the work of the French sociologist Bernard Friot – a historian of social security and advocate of the lifetime salary – with Michaux reflecting Friot's teachings on his own situation:

“When you turn 30 and have a child, being broke becomes less and less fun,”

says Nicolas.

“At the time of writing, we were looking for a place to live and the violence of the housing market took me by the throat. In writing about slavery, Marguerite Yourcenar said that a regime is often most excessive in its cruelty and injustice in its last days.

I sometimes get the impression that it’s the same kind of historical scenario we are currently experiencing with the slow agony of capitalism.”

Nicolas Michaux, who has performed previously alongside Damon Albarn and Tony Allen, is both a singer-songwriter and music producer. Born and bred in Belgium, he now divides his time between Brussels, where he is part of the musical collective Capitane Records and the Danish island of Samsø where he lives with his family. Michaux, who sings in both English and French, recorded the new album with his friend and collaborator, Morgan Vigilante on drums, sewing a sound that sonically segues between the great era of the French "chanson", the American songwriters, 60s British rock, and the early new wave finding guidance by a distinctly personal spirit. His production style paints vivid sonic pictures rooted in an intimate knowledge of his instruments and the textures they evoke.

Nicolas Michaux - Amour Colère


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