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Mumble Tide

Bristol duo Mumble Tide, share new single ‘Kindest’ out now via Nothing Fancy.

Mumble Tide, the Bristol-based duo of Gina Leonard and Ryan Rogers, return today with a brand-new single. ‘Kindest’ is out now via Nothing Fancy.

In their single releases to date, Mumble Tide have proven themselves a group that never repeat themselves, always curious to uncover a new creative process through which to explore the range of human emotion, and capable of switching gears at a moment’s notice. New single ‘Kindest’ is the band at their most intimate and confessional, as fluttering acoustic guitars propel a wistful atmosphere toward subtle swathes of reverb, and back again.

Vocalist Gina Leonard comments

“Kindest is about those shady thoughts you try to lock up inside yourself, about feeling weird and scared and guilty. It's potentially our favourite track we've ever made together.

The arrangements are more sophisticated than our normal kiddy vibe and we feel good about (hopefully) having pulled that off.”

The Mumble Tide sound is a fluid one that mirrors the way their latest music has come together. Working with co-producer Ellie Mason (Voka Gentle) the duo “ended up living in a strangely nomadic way”, uprooting themselves every couple of months and moving between boats, airbnbs, spare rooms and warehouses. Their recording set-up travelled with them as they sought out new inspiration in new spaces, and looked to capture what they felt during those specific moments in time.

Continuing, Leonard says:

“‘Kindest’ is the second song after ‘Hotel Life’ from a set of tracks we made over the last 12 months as we tried (and failed) to rebuild our lives. We’d been fans of Ellie Mason’s (Voka Gentle) work for years and when Ryan clocked that she had the same favourite Taylor Swift record (1989), we were super keen to co-produce this batch with her.

She instantly understood what we were trying to do and we spent 5 days at her studio enhancing the chaotic demos we’d been dragging around the UK with us. Everything she added and tweaked injected energy and harmony into the tracks and she perfectly captured the emotions in each song.

She made it seem so effortless too - she’s a clever bunny.”

Mumble Tide have won admirers in media at the likes of BBC Radio 1, 6 Music, and more, and have toured with artists including Divorce, JOHN, Liz Lawrence, Personal Trainer and Sleeper.


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