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Announce brand new EP Plesiosaur out June 17th via Big Scary Monsters! Their first single Jupiter Pluvius is out now!

Hot on the heels of this year’s Pterodactyl EP and with several SXSW showcases and a UK/ EU tour with Foxing coming up, ME REX announce their brand new offering – Plesiosaur – out 17th June on Big Scary Monsters, sharing first single Jupiter Pluvius.

It’s a unique characteristic that ME REX have refined over the last two years - rhythmically charged narrations and a musical stream of consciousness. Themes of friendship, forgiveness, loss, and joy wrapped in fast paced poetic vignettes; ME REX challenge the listener’s preconception of how a song can be structured.

Across the four tracks of Plesiosaur, ME REX wrap sharp wordplay around vibrant fuzzed out guitars and keys. Jupiter Pluvius looks theologically at the idea of projecting strength and power onto inanimate objects.

"Based on the painting of the same name by Joseph Gandy, this song is about images of God in the popular imagination"

says McCabe.

"What that projection of strength and power onto a cold inanimate object says about our expectations and demands of a deity and of ourselves."

Beginning life in 2018 in the home of songwriter Myles McCabe, experimenting with shouty, electronic bedroom pop, ME REX formed when McCabe was joined by long-time friends Kathryn Woods (guitar/vocals), Phoebe Cross (drums/vocals) and Rich Mandell (bass/keys/vocals).

In 2021 the band released their debut album Megabear – a record built from 52 short tracks intended to be played in shuffle mode for the listener to create their own perfect combination of songs. In 2022 they dove headfirst into follow-up EP Pterodactyl which saw them change pace and tact throughout, constructing delicate vocal layers with luscious swathes of guitars and keys, consistently pushing creative boundaries but with a raw DIY sensibility.


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