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Montreal duo Mayfly share stunning new single & video “Black Water”. New album to arrive this fall!

Montreal duo Mayfly have shared their stunning indie ballad “Black Water” along with its accompanying music video. The track will be featured on the group’s debut album, due out later in 2022 via Duprince. The surreal video follows the pair as they each navigate the repercussions of deteriorating mental health.

Although it continues to evoke the melancholy and emotional vulnerability that we are used to hearing from the duo, “Black Water” marks the evolution toward a more mature and darker sound. The song expresses a moment of deep suffering and fear of never being seen or heard by those around in a moment of pain. It features raw sounding, heart wrenching vocal performances from Charlie and Emma, and a string arrangement that achieves this feeling of distress while giving the song a cinematic finish.

‘“‘Black Water’ is one of our most honest and vulnerable works to date,”

says Mayfly.

“We are opening up on some of the darkest moments that both of us have gone through mentally. Through the video that we shot for this track, we tried to illustrate in the most visually striking and realest way possible, how someone can be feeling so unwell without anyone noticing or reaching out. We are so happy and proud to have this single open the door to a new chapter for us as artists, especially since it encapsulates the essence of the album that we will be releasing.”

Mayfly is a Montreal based duo composed of singer-songwriters, Charlie and Emma. They are self-produced and are at the head of all artistic, visual and creative aspects of the project. They are proud to push their art forward as two young women in the music industry trying to inspire other women like them to own their place. The essence of Mayfly is to create a safe space for all listeners to escape from their reality through the duo’s musical and visual universe.


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