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May Have

May Have release new EP & share new focus track "Home".

May Have recently released their new EP, Misunderstood - a collection of electro-pop tracks with gut wrenching lyrics and perfectly placed synths. The band is sharing a building, echoing track, “Home,” as the EP’s focus track.

Saturday night dance party. Gut­wrenching lyrics. Perfectly placed synths. May Have’s new EP, Misunderstood, draws influences ranging from Sylvan Esso to Daft Punk.

Originating as a three ­piece, Maerin Hunting’s songwriting and soaring vocals are elevated by the contagious energy of the rhythm section, Sebastian Balk-Forcione (drums) and Matt Rousseau (bass/synths). Adding Dan Rougeau (guitar) and Emily Rockarts (vocals and keys), May Have has added depth to their sonic palette. With an impressive array of synths, samples, and guitars and other goodies,

May Have lights up the dancefloor. Their hook filled songs get stuck in your head all – night – long.

May Have - Misunderstood


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