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Mandy, Indiana

Daniel Avery remix of "Alien 3" is unleashed alongside near-approaching tour dates for the UK!

After signing to Fire Talk Records last year, Manchester-based Mandy, Indiana (FKA Gary, Indiana) are sharing a remix of their single "Alien 3" by Daniel Avery with a visualiser by Raissa Pardini. Mandy, Indiana are set to play a run of UK dates later this year too.

Mandy, Indiana’s emergence last year seemed sudden. Based in Manchester – a city where the speed of word of mouth means new bands rarely remain unknown for long - the outfit’s brutally abrasive post-punk noire has forcefully grabbed attention in a way that feels as if it’s come from nowhere.

Formed by Scott Fair (guitar/production) and Valentine Caulfield (vocals/lyrics), the band have signed to Fire Talk, attracting major media coverage and have gained fans amongst the likes of Daniel Avery, Girl Band, Sleaford Mods and Scalping. Their music to-date ranges from the warping techno of six-minute stomper Alien 3, to the likes of hallucinogenics-gone-dark industrial noise of Nike of Samothrace. These are tracks disparate in nature but connected by an explosiveness - a pyroclastic flow of energy that’s erupted from intense ramped up pressure. It’s music built on raw energy over meticulous composition and emotion over clinical structure.

The pair also enlisted Liam Stewart as drummer. A touring musician with fellow Mancunian industrialist Lonelady, as well as an ever present in some of the city’s most dextrous DIY rock bands over the years, Stewart is an astute fit to the pair’s vision of creating pop music with brutality and is a powerhouse of a rhythmic presence throughout.

More will follow from Mandy, Indiana later this year and all upcoming tour dates are below.


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