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Low Key Crush

Melbourne band Low Key Crush share new single, ‘Been Waiting’, as newly minted two-piece.

Low Key Crush are releasing new single ‘Been Waiting’ today.

As a duo, ‘Been Waiting’ is the loudest the band has sounded yet. Taycian’s drums are bursting at the seams, propelling the frenetic energy of Tim’s fuzz laden guitar and call and response vocals. The sound is influenced by guitar driven indie with a surf bent, lyrically focusing on romance akin to bands like Wild Nothing or Beach Fossils but musically looking towards the energy of a Ty Segall or Wavves but with a truer pop aim.

Tim simply sings of impatience in love and literally waiting for the other person to get home to him, the chorus proclaiming “all my life I’ve been right about what could exist” with his new lover as the proof.

Low Key Crush are Taycian and Tim, two friends from Melbourne, Australia. Their music is best played while driving or seen live with the last person you kissed.

They play guitar based dream pop that flirts with jangle pop and a smattering of surf. Tim’s lyrics are often about love, romantic or otherwise, with conversational snippets snuck in to flesh out the story. Low Key Crush adore harmonies as much as melodies and Tim’s vocals surge with emotion. Taycian’s drums can have the power to break eardrums or a touch as light as a feather, and she has Ringo fills for days.

Been Waiting’ is their 4th single and their first to lean in on their surf-pop capabilities as well as their most energetic to date. It serves as the first of three more singles to be released this year.

Low Key Crush - Been Waiting (single)


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