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Loose Fit

Australian band Loose Fit share single ‘Social Graces’ and announce debut album ‘Social Graces’ via Fatcat Records out 29th April.

Following their debut EP and latest track ‘Exhale’, Australia’s Loose Fit detail their debut album Social Graces that’ll be out 29th April 2022 via Fatcat Records, as well as sharing the title track as a single.

The band’s new single - also called ‘Social Graces’ - is a frantic 2’29” blast of nervy punk. The song was written in 2020 inspired by the nervous tension in the air after the initial months of covid-induced house arrest. People were finally allowed to meet in the federally sanctioned groups of 5, but found themselves too nervous to touch each other for fear of infection and felt awkward in communication. There was a sense of relearning how to be together.

It comes with a video, directed by Solomon Thomas, that riffs off the song’s themes of discomfort and social anxiety. Awkwardly miming in front of vintage painted stage backdrops, the band are transformed one-by-one into grotesquely-masked characters who try and fail to find the social “normal”.

Set for release late April, debut album Social Graces features 11 tracks of rhythmically-taut, anxiety-driven post-punk featuring the distinctive vocal chants of singer/sax player Anna Langdon.

Building on the success of their self-titled EP, the album expands the Loose Fit sound-world to include a dub-influenced march through social media bleakness, ACR-style exercises in rhythm and tension, and an atmospheric coda featuring eerie trumpet from drummer Kaylene Milner. It also features a number of the band’s concise, propulsive bangers including the title track and previous single ‘Exhale’.

Social Graces is a journey through familiar deeply human themes as well as sharp observations of contemporary absurdity. Lyrics about love, hope, fear, loss, and pain are woven amongst visual depictions of acquisition culture, weather patterns, digital life, adventures in wild landscapes, deep introspection, parties and mundane daily experiences.

“I think the album is a truthful document of a weird time. Covid-era has sucked (of course), but did give us time to explore new sounds and ways of working. It was a shit time to be a band, but it was great to have a vessel to channel all our anxieties and pent-up energy into. I think the album has all that fucked-up 2020/2021 energy in it.”,

Bassist Richard Martin says.

There will be 3 versions of the vinyl – standard black, a green vinyl only available through the FatCat webstore/Bandcamp, and a Rough Trade exclusive limited to 100 with a hand printed sleeve made by Anna who is behind the album artwork.

Social Graces will be released 29th April 2022 via Fatcat Records


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