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Lionel Boy

Hawaiian singer-songwriter shares new single & video "Flower Girl", out now via Innovative Leisure.

Introducing: Lionel Boy, the talented Hawaiian artist who is sharing his new single & video Flower Girl'' released today via Innovative Leisure.

The song’s cool and melodic bass lines slow things down, creating a mood that allows you take a deep breath and simply enjoy the moment. Lionel Boy tells us

“This was the first track that Jonny Bell and I worked on. It’s about watching someone close to you become who they’re meant to be.

I get to witness my partner grow everyday and succeed in places that bring her joy. It feels a lot like watching

a flower blossom. She’s my flower girl.”

It’s the first new music from the Hawaiian native since his debut Who Is Dovey EP was released last year.

The EP served a perfect introduction to Lionel Boy’s sound and included songs “Lately,” “Summer Fun”, “Are You Happy Yet” and “Lost,” a song described as “a detuned slacker-pop song that builds to a satisfyingly down-tempo guitar hook.”

Native to Hawaii and now living in Long Beach, his sound mixes spacey synthesizers, impromptu breakbeats & bedroom pop.

Today’s sonic offering will be featured on his debut album which is expected soon. Watch this space..

Lionel Boy - Flower Girl' (single)


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