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Lambrini Girls

Lambrini Girls sign to Big Scary Monsters & share new single ‘Help Me I’m Gay’. The band is announced for The Great Escape’s First 50.

Lambrini Girls’ driving punk rhythms and ability to hold a mirror up to hot button societal issues draws inspiration from the likes of alternative stalwarts Le Tigre and Bikini Kill, combined with a biting, tongue in cheek lyrical style all their own.

Phoebe Lunny (Vocals/Guitar - she/they), Lilly Macieira (Bass - she/they) and Catt Jack (Drums - N/A), first joined forces amongst the anarchic waves of the Brighton underground music scene. They soon formed a strong artistic bond over their creative common ground; not just a musical connection, but also in the shared messages they set out to convey.

Today, they share new single ‘Help Me I’m Gay’ which when first performed live was in the middle of lockdown; for a series of socially distanced, fully seated live gigs at Brighton Dome. Phoebe came out to her mum on stage after downing three bottles of wine and tearing her pants open. Unbeknownst to her, her whole family was also watching on live stream and Christmas has not been the same since. They also all learned to play their instruments in one day.

“This song is about the trivialisation of queer people. Shag whoever you want, don’t let anyone put you in a box and if you do ever find yourself in one, then know you can shag your way out of it”

A long time staple of the Brighton scene, in 2021 the release of their first singles brought the band’s sonic barrage to a whole new circuit of ears. They’ve since performed alongside the likes of Shame, Gilla Band, Dead Sara, and Pist Idiots, and further appearances included 2022’s Great Escape Festival and a slot at Rough Trade Recommends (Rough Trade East). The 3-piece have just been announced as part of The Great Escape’s First 50 with a show at Shacklewell Arms, and are set to support Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes next month.

They have quickly garnered a reputation around tastemaking circles as an unmissable new prospect and have even been snapped up by label Big Scary Monsters, as well as being one of the most exciting live acts of the post-pandemic generation. Simply put, Lambrini Girls are here to take over the scene, one fizzy bottle at a time.

Lambrini girls formed in the swamplands underneath Skegness Butlins, a scene filled with toxicity, a severe lack of accountability and not enough gravy. Flying the nest with a dream to curate slut vibes nationwide, they became the gayest band to ever win 50 consecutive Eurovision contests in a row.

Due to their massive success, they now all share a planet near earth in order for them to raise their 150 babies collectively (the father of which, is Lilly's pedalboard) however, they do still practice in Brighton so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Lambrini Girls hotspots e.g your local skip or police station.

Inspiration is drawn from the likes of The Savages, Le Tigre, The Spice Girls and unresolved trauma; not only do Lambrini Girls plan on setting your bin on fire- they want to create spaces at shows for anyone who feels like there isn’t a place for them there already. No one deserves to feel uncomfortable, no one deserves to feel invisible, start conversations with your mates, never let anyone stop you existing authentically and most importantly: Gays to the front.

Tour Dates:

4th November - Mutations Festival, Brighton

12th November - The Great Western Festival, Glasgow

13th November - The Cluny 2, Newcastle

15th November - Shacklewell Arms, London (TGE First 50)

20th November - Shacklewell Arms, London (Bad Vibrations, 10th Anniversary)

3rd December - Morgan's, Old Trafford (Supporting Loose Articles)

7th December - Underworld, London (Supporting Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes)

Tickets available HERE


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