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Julien Chang

Julien Chang announces new EP, Home For The Moment, out 1 March 2024 via Transgressive & shares new single / video for its title track.

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Julien Chang has announced a brand new EP, Home For The Moment - a collection of four songs that releases 1 March 2024 via Transgressive. The news is accompanied by the Baltimore-shot video for the project’s title-track out today. 

Performed, composed, and produced by Julien, Home For The Moment is an earnest and brilliant expression of the emotions he felt returning home to Baltimore following school.

“I wrote it from a position “stuck” in between my past and future, and I was therefore irretrievably, obsessively, preoccupied with both.”

Julien Chang elaborates,

“these four songs are a candid document of a special moment in my life, and although they are concerned with the complications of this “in-between” time of one’s early twenties, they are also imbued with the confidence and excitement inspired by deep love, long friendships, and

energetic community.

To say it another way, it is about Baltimore, my home, and the people who live there”.

The EP’s lead single, title track “Home For The Moment” is direct and personal, compassed by intricate guitars beneath Julien’s emotive vocals that build towards the longing sound. The song is unveiled alongside a nostalgic Lydia Cornett directed video that merges modern visuals and older camcorder footage - blending the aesthetics together seamlessly.

““Home for the Moment” – that is, home for now, soon to leave, at some point anyway, long to decide, under an implicit and self-imposed prohibition against getting too comfortable. It’s a song about returning home and slowing down–against my will but for my soul.

​​It is about the hesitant openness of one who waits, the patience to endure uncertainty, and the dear, happy longing that sustains it."


About the video, Julien said:

"Lydia and I used to carpool to school back when we were kids. Technically our first collaboration was a song that Lydia and both of our sisters came up with when I was probably in kindergarten. It was called "Thank Goodness It's Friday," and we would call into the local radio station 101.9 FM to sing it as we drove to school on Fridays.

We called ourselves "The Car Girls." Lydia and I grew up a few houses down from one another on the same street in west Baltimore.

We've followed fairly similar life trajectories, though separated by about five years: we went to the same elementary-middle school, then the same high school, then finally the same university.

Our work together on this video has felt like both a culmination of shared past experiences as well as a convergence of our present creative visions.

We went back to our old high school, Baltimore School for the Arts, to shoot several parts of this video. We also shot part of the video in the basement of my parents' house, where I wrote and recorded my first album, Jules, when I was a senior in high school.

The video shoot was a chance to revisit memories and explore the feelings of "home" contained in these spaces."


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