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Cookie Duster's own releases captivating double single.

Jeen bestows the double single..."Better Drugs"and "Fair to Move On" taken from her new LP, Dog Bite, which will be available in October 2021, co-produced by her bandmate, Ian Blurton (Change of Heart, C'mon, Future Now).

"I wrote "Better Drugs" eight months after watching the world burn, with everything so exposed and gross. Like we had all lost too many pieces of ourselves to put back together or something...I wondered how fundamental it was, like how broken are we, you know? On top of that, I had a very sudden death in the family 48 hours before we went into the studio to record."

"This kind of raw disconnect leads to all the problems especially if you’ve lost connection with with all that fell away last year, I found myself pathetically grateful for the few people I still had around me."


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