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Iceage release video for “High & Hurt! New album "Seek Shelter" out now on Mexican Summer.

Last month, Iceage released Seek Shelter via Mexican Summer, continuing their steady stream of highly acclaimed albums. Today, they present a video for one of its singles, “High & Hurt,” which “stages a battle between the dirty and divine, answering gritty verses with a cloud-parting chorus” (Pitchfork).

The accompanying video, directed by Emma Acs, features the band and actor Zlatko Burić, who first appeared in their “Vendetta” video. It reflects Elias Bender Rønnenfelts often expressionist and divine-derived imagery, as the band performs while wearing angel wings.

Iceage’s upcoming Seek Shelter concert stream has been moved to June 12th. They will tour North America and Europe in early 2022. Tickets for all dates are on sale now!


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