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London alt-rock four-piece unveil their anthemic new EP – Reset, Debuting April 30!

Unable to avert their eyes from the unravelling world around them, London alternative rock band, HYMNS return with their new Reset EP, out April 30, with the title track already tempting the senses since April 16.

Plucking from a wealth of genres and pop culture references, for the past four years, HYMNS have been making epic and ethereal rock songs that exist to enlighten and energise all who bear witness. With thick baritone vocals and rousing choral hooks, their music is appropriately bittersweet. Whereas the infectious guitars and driving bass lines of their debut London EP documented the inherent solitude of inner city living, the band have since been looking outwards, obliged to think bigger about the sinister direction of today’s global politics. Woven from stories of personal experience, the band’s unapologetic honesty supports the weight of their music’s sturdy foundations.

Announcing the details for their brand-new Reset EP, the band’s incoming lead single and title track picks up from where they left off by reinforcing their well-aimed social commentary with foreboding moments of theatrical guitar hero pageantry, all the while satisfying a convincing mission statement.

Frontman, Oliver Hooper states:

Written in a time of great political and social unrest, people continue to celebrate and prioritise capital gain and empty technological breakthroughs (colonizing Mars, etc) at the expense of humanity and our 'own' planet earth. The song is a call to arms for change before it's too late.”

The four track Reset EP sees the band delve deeper into their signature flavour of atmospheric rock, broadening their musical palette and employing elements of Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, Interpol and even a sprinkle of Ennio Morricone's iconic Spaghetti Western soundtracks. Combining traditional nylon strings with rhythmic, discordant electric guitars, ‘Concrete Skies’ is an immersive journey that champions good in the face of adversity. Next up is ‘Sirens’, an ode to the fragility of human life inspired by a tragic incident the band witnessed on the London Underground. The track pulls from a rich history of abrasive guitar styles inspired by heavyweights such as Gang of Four, Sonic Youth, Joy Division and Interpol. The EP closes with ‘Wrong’ - an inner conflict between head and heart where broken morals and insecurities wrestle to break free. The sparse arrangements and anthemic verse lyrics combine to deliver a suitably cathartic finale.

Hailing from London, HYMNS are an alternative rock band consisting of Oliver Hooper [lead vocals & guitar], Giorgio Compagnone [bass guitar & keys], Amy Chapman [drums & backing vocals] and Filippo Ferazzoli [guitar]. As well as releasing a successful string of singles, the band first arrived on the scene in 2016 with their debut London EP. Having enjoyed a number of festival slots and prominent UK shows, HYMNS have been accumulating a growing fan base with some high-profile appearances at Camden Rocks and Oxjam Crystal Palace.


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