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Harald Björk

Harald Björk shares new Album Håll Om Mig, out now via-Internasjonal.

Swedish producer Harald Björk shares new album Håll Om Mig, out now via-Internasjonal, the German/Norwegian Disco House label, run by Prins Thomas and Kai Fraeger (one of the founders of Wordandsound).

With his second full-lenght of the year, the Swedish producer is back this time by the hand of Internasjonal and

Prins Thomas:

“Since first hearing Harald’s “Sabor Latino"in 2016 I’ve been a huge fan of his freeform psychedelic take on electronica. Roughly a year ago he sent me a shedload of music giving me free reins to pick and rework everything as I pleased.

The result is this “album” consisting of 4 handpicked tracks on vinyl + a full album download with 10 more tracks (14 in total) covering more or less all bases from ambient Buchla experiments to banging techno."

Prins Thomas

The artwork for this album is a collaboration between the producer and the Swedish artist Lukas Nystrand Von Unge.


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