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Danish sci-fi pop artist Greta shares new single 'OUT OF MIND' from new album FOREVER WE'LL BE DANCING out feb 4th via W.A.S ENTERTAINMENT.

Today Danish rising sci-fi pop artist GRETA (a.k.a GretaSchenk) shares new single 'Out Of Mind', taken from her forthcoming sophomore album Forever We'll Be Dancing, arriving February 4th on W.A.S Entertainment (Brimheim, RebeccaLou).


"'Out of Mind’ was actually the first song I wrote on the album. It captures the feeling of losing your mind in a kind of absurd situation, where you feel trapped (to me this was lockdown). The feeling of losing track of time and just being forced to wait on life to happen. I wrote the song during this really absurd state of mind, which made it almost comic and that’s definitely showing in the appearance of the song. ‘Out of Mind’ is reflecting feelings of both longing and hoping for something else." The album is centered around transitions and "great love", as reflected in 'Out of Mind'. GRETA continues:

"At the time I wrote the album, I felt very artistically liberated, because the music has always been my escape and a light in the dark. During both the Corona lockdown and my husband’s illness, I felt a great love and connection, but also a longing for breaking away, being free, living life and wanting everything to go back to normal."

'Out of Mind' is the follow-up track to other album singles 'Forever We'll Be Dancing’ and ‘Vibrant’, which garnered support from BBC Radio 6 and Jack Saunders on BBC Radio 1. Last year she released her debut album, Ardent Spring, which put GRETA on the map as one of Denmark’s most exciting new alternative artists, receiving stellar reviews from Danish media sites Politiken, Gaffa and Soundvenue and landing Schenk a nomination for the Danish critics' award Steppeulven. GRETA moves through a magical universe where transcendence and futurism merge with nostalgia and the familiar. Her lyrics are laden with existential reflections on the core of life, which she explores through the contrast of light and dark. Her sound reflects her love for 80s synths and grooves while also embracing futuristic sounds, which she seamlessly threads together with bright and airy vocals. By encapsulating those dichotomies, her music has the ability to evoke multiple emotions at once - listening to these tracks awakens both a melancholic nostalgia and hopeful euphoria all at once.

The album’s opening track, ‘Vibrant’ is glittered with a bouncy kitsch 80s bassline and was born out of the romantic symbiosis she and her husband shared during lockdown, a time that saw their bond strengthen as his depression intensified. ‘Will You Stay’ is a lullaby for her husband, and ‘Stranger’ was also written for him about self-acceptance, not being alone, and trusting your own path and process in life. 'Bliss II' is a nocturnal track about spending the night awake. Other songs capture the longing we all felt to go out during lockdown: 'Wonder' is about craving a sweaty club night where the mind can let go, while 'Out Of Mind' was written about the feeling of losing your mind while waiting for life to happen. 'Drei' is a homage to her childhood hero and German pop star Blümchen and her father, who wrote the chords and melody, and 'Genug' is a homage to her friend and labelmate Brimheim’s song ‘Kafka’ about feeling like nothing is ever enough while simultaneously feeling like everything is always too much. The title track, 'Forever We'll Be Dancing,' acts as a sort of mission statement to the album, which doubles as a declaration of love to Schenk’s husband. Inspired by an 80’s italo-disco band called Cyber People, the track is an invitation to lose yourself to dance entirely. Like the album as a whole, the song balances the sinister side of life with messages of hope, all deliciously wrapped in an intoxicating blend of synths, trance and soaring electronic soundscapes.

Forever We’ll Be Dancing was recorded in Berlin with Norwegian artist and producer Farao and Ådne Meisfjord of the Norwegian rock band 120 Days. She draws on 90s dream trance artists like Robert Miles, 80s meditative new age artists like Clifford White, minimalist techno groups like Moderat, the lush synthpop soundscapes of I Break Horses, the dark wave sound of Boy Harsher as well as the more contemporary electro-pop sensibilities of Sassy 009 to create an exciting and fresh sound.

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