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GRAVE GOODS share new single ‘Source’ taken from debut album TUESDAY. NOTHING EXISTS.out 9th September via TULLE Collective.

Based between Manchester, Belfast and Dublin, GRAVE GOODS today share new single ‘Source’ taken from debut album TUESDAY. NOTHING EXISTS. out 9th September via TULLE Collective.

Featuring current and former members of PINS, Girls Names, and September Girls, they take influence from early post-punk and minimalist rock, their music has been described as urgent and demanding, claustrophobic yet spacious, and they’re guaranteed to grab your attention.

Source’ is about rewriting narratives that have been pushed on us with something more real and meaningful. The perceived limits of our gender are fictional, we are unique.

On the track, drummer Sarah Grimes said,

“This was the second song we wrote. It was written on drums and guitar first, we wanted it to be really minimal in the verse with drums and vocals and contrasted with louder choruses with the guitar and drums working together with bass added later. When we were structuring the song we took the guitar line from the chorus and used it as the intro to hook people in.

When we wrote the song initially, I had a mic set up beside me and I whispered “ha ha” at the end of each bar during the verses. Those were dropped as we started to play the song live but while we were recording we decided to add it back in - me whispering “Ha Ha” on my tiptoes trying to reach

Lois’ mic.”

Another contemporary video made by singer Lois Macdonald, she used Max MSP to create a virtual environment, as well as pre-existing live footage of the band (recorded by IMPATV at Islington Mill in Salford), plus imagery of opulent deserts and random real life footage, then she programmed 3D shapes to inhabit the space to create visually exciting chaos.

Lyrically, debut album TUESDAY. NOTHING EXISTS. was spawned via Lois’ love of Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre as it summarises our existence, and she felt like someone had written down how she sees the world. The album's lyrics are all exploring existential philosophy, and about how everything is pointless so everything has complete meaning, and only you know what that is for you. Whilst musically they wanted the sound to be minimal, uncomfortable, unusual, angular, and abrasive.

It’ll be available on transparent red vinyl, and a special Dinked Edition in hot pink vinyl, containing numbered risograph printed lyric inserts and hand illustrated pages from Jean-Paul Sartre’s Nausea . Pre-order here.

Photo by: Elle Brotherhood

Tour Dates:

5th August - We’ve Only Just Begun Festival, Dublin


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