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Good Morning TV

Good Morning TV's new track "Entertainment", is extracted for our pleasure from the upcoming debut album "Small Talk", out June 18th via Géographie Recs.

"Entertainment" is a messy and adventurous song. A rugged, immediate and melodic indie pop where explosive arrangements and the soft interpretation of Berenice deeply contrast.

After having re-interpreted Martin Creed's work with their 'Insomniac' music video, this time Good Morning TV pays tribute to Marina Abramovic in a happening-like lyrics video directed by Antoine Magnien. 'Entertainment' is decidedly contrasted, oscillating between the refinement of intimate verses, and the exuberance of guitar filled choruses. The 90's aesthetic of the song meets contemporary lyrics, portraying the modern entertainment society.

Good Morning TV started in 2016 with a first self titled EP, released by pop diggers Requiem pour un Twister, that managed to echo until miles away from their homeland, France.

At the time a solo adventure of Bérénice Deloire, the project progressively became a band as Barth Bouveret (producer for both the EP and the album), Thibault Picot (Brace! Brace!) and Hugo Dupuis joined their forces, guided by mutual harmony.

After two years of writing together, the quartet isolated itself in a peaceful home of the south of France in order to achieve their first album "Small Talk" to be released on Géographie Recs (Marble Arch, Paper Tapes, Born Idiot). "Small Talk" is born in this rough temporary studio, that rather resembled a weird laboratory. Its singular material, along with a contemporary production that both enhance a bold songwriting are casually passed by familiar choruses. With this record, Good Morning TV paints a melancholic portrait of daily disillusions and claims its own vision of pop, somewhere between Broadcast, Deerhoof or The Olivia Tremor Control.


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