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Girl Ray

New track “Give Me Your Love” is here now! Video produced by Joe Goddard & Al Doyle from Hot Chip accompanies the new single release.

Girl Ray today share their new single, “Give Me Your Love”, a 7 minute+ electronic odyssey recorded, produced and mixed by Joe Goddard and Al Doyle from Hot Chip, at Relax and Enjoy, London. The track, out now via Moshi Moshi, is the first new music from the London three-piece, comprising Poppy Hankin, Iris McConnell and Sophie Moss, since the release of their critically acclaimed second album, Girl, in 2019. The accompanying video was directed by long term artistic collaborator Alex Cantouris.

Poppy said the following about the track,

“We worked on this song with Al Doyle and Joe Goddard from Hot Chip in their studio off Brick Lane in London. We had one day left with them, so thought we’d unearth an old demo of a slightly house-leaning song I’d been working on a few months before. It had a really loose structure but the feel of the chords was good so we decided to try fleshing it out. It was a really long day filled with a lot of playing around with the mountains of synths that fill their studio. Sections became longer… steel drums were added (along with some wonky backing vocals) and eventually it started taking shape. With all the awfulness of 2020 in our heads - it was important to us that it sounded optimistic and hopeful; a song for future summers where people can dance and enjoy music together once again.”

About the video, Sophie and Iris added:

“We teamed up with our good friend and amazing director Alex Cantouris for another intricate and somewhat ambiguous love spectacle. Though this time we thought that 8 minutes of us acting would probably be unwatchable, so decided to get some professionals involved to deal with the main plot. What started off as a story about a woman having fun at a party, somehow soon turned into a romantic take on Midsommar, without the death and magic mushrooms. A queer Midsommar Night's Dream if you will. We had the best time making it, and discovered a new found love for the Kent countryside (even though one of the shoot days was literally the windiest day of the year).”


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