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FRANKIIE Shares "Visions" Single + Video! Between Dreams LP to follow on June 2nd via Paper Bag Records.

This week, Vancouver indie-pop outfit FRANKIIE released the second single from their upcoming LP, titled "Visions" and accompanied by a music video. Between Dreams, their sophomore LP, is due out June 2nd via Paper Bag Records, with a sonic world that weaves between reverb-soaked dream-pop, vintage classic-rock, bedroom-psych, and beachy shoegaze.

Speaking on the their latest single, guitarist/vocalist Francesca Carbonneau wrote:

"'When dreams and memories entangle with our present moment, we can begin to question our entire reality. ‘Visions’ is about that feeling, about sensing something beyond what’s happening right in front of if right below the surface, anything you’ve ever lost is there; waiting for you to reach out your hand and grab it back. Like déja vu, which is something I experience frequently, a single moment can feel surreal, strange and yet strikingly familiar all at once."

Between Dreams, the second full-length album from Vancouver’s FRANKIIE, is psychedelic in the way that makes the best works of psychedelia timeless, existential, and exciting. The record’s sonic world, which weaves between reverb-soaked dream-pop, vintage classic-rock, bedroom-psych, and beachy shoegaze, presents the dreamy and the real as one continuum between which there are no borders, and where magic abounds all over.

The laid-back Laurel Canyon groove of opener "Visions" captures this wholeness in just one song, with vocalist/guitarist Francesca Carbonneau and vocalist/keyboardist Nashlyn Lloyd building perfect pop melodies and cathedral harmonies. The song is an invitation to an ethereal, anti-gravity liminal space.


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