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Fake Fruit

Post-Punk band Fake Fruit releases their new single/video “Cause of Death,” off of their new album Mucho Mistrust, out August 23rd via Carpark Records.

Fake Fruit, The Oakland, CA-based post-punk band featuring Hannah “Ham” D’Amato, Alex Post, & Miles MacDiarmid, releases their new single & video “Cause of Death,” off of their new album Mucho Mistrust, out August 23rd via Carpark Records.

Following the lead single  “Mucho Mistrust,” “Cause of Death” self-deprecatingly takes aim at anxiety and indecision as the track morphs from a gorgeous sax-laden banger to something cathartic and anthemic.

“I wrote the lyrics for this song when I felt so indecisive that I imagined someone performing an autopsy on me and declaring my cause of death to be indecision,”

explains D’Amato.

On the inspiration for the video, D’Amato elaborates:

“I was thinking about that meme where the man is gradually turning into a clown without realizing it, and how that’s kind of what it feels like to participate in the rigged game of capitalism/the music industry where the house always seems to win.”

Fake Fruit originally started as the nomadic songwriting project of California native Hannah “Ham” D’Amato, who spent time living and performing in New York City and Vancouver, but it’s been a full-fledged band for half a decade.

After she moved to the Bay Area in 2018, she enlisted guitarist Alex Post and drummer Miles MacDiarmid along with a rotating cast of bassists to flesh out her songs. A sly reference to a beloved Blondie lyric,

Mucho Mistrust encapsulates the anxieties of daily life, a bloodless music industry, and global capitalism as well as the clear-eyed scepticism needed to rebel against it. Across 12 propulsively unpredictable tracks, the album is both their most collaborative and most immediate yet.


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