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Evdeki Saat

Turkish alternative pop artist Evdeki Saat shares new single “Sarmaşık”.

Emerging as the first product of Evdeki Saat's transformed sound and new collective understanding of production,

Sarmaşık” creates an experience that is described as “dancing while crying”, by combining an energetic rhythm with an emotional expression.

This new style that emerged from the state of “transforming hatred and fear towards the world into something productive, new situations arising that creates more hatred and fear, and the continuous cycle this turns into”, heralds that a sometimes

energetic and sometimes experimental approach will prevail in the new productions of Evdeki Saat.

“Sarmaşık” is taken from his upcoming album to be release later this year.

One of the rising names of alternative pop, Evdeki Saat was founded in 2014 by Eren Alıcı. Debuting with the song “Biraz Olsun” on YouTube, Evdeki Saat made a name for themselves with the spread of this song by word of mouth. Creating their sound

with the songs they wrote and published since then, Evdeki Saat reached a large audience. Their song “Uzunlar” left its mark on 2020, and Evdeki Saat played shows in venues such as Küçükçiftlik Park and Turkcell Vadi. Evdeki Saat aims to create a

unique fusion by mixing the music of their home country with a global sound to produce their innovative album in 2022.

Eren Alıcı was born in Bursa in 1995 and found a passion for music during his childhood years. Even in the years prior to the Evdeki Saat project, Eren produced his own music and uploaded it to SoundCloud.

Eren spends most of his days producing, listening, and researching music, placing emphasis on words and poetry in his productions. Bahadır Kartal, Kerem Demirayak (Karakter Music) and Yüce Akın accompany Eren in production and live performances.

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