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Erin LeCount

Essex based singer, songwriter and producer Erin LeCount shares a live studio performance of her latest released song ‘Bday Blues’ via Good as Gold Records.

On the rise Essex based singer, songwriter and producer Erin LeCount released her latest single, ‘Bday Blues’ on February via Good as Gold Records. Inspired by the cinematic, dreamy and experimental, influenced by artists such as Fiona Apple, Lorde, The XX, Florence + The Machine, Lana del Rey, BANKS, FKA Twigs and Sampha, she's creating an innovative, ethereal, alternative-pop coming of age soundtrack, filled with synths, layered vocals and industrial everyday sounds.

On the track, Erin says,

“BDAY BLUES” is about the feeling of growing pains, nostalgia, changing as a person (not knowing if it’s for the better or worse) and dreading not being seventeen anymore. It’s for the people like me who struggle around the time of their birthday or the dark, dull late January kind of empty feeling.

I started writing “BDAY BLUES” on my 18th birthday during lockdown, as that day felt more like a time of grief for who I used to be, rather than a day of celebration.”

Between writing and producing in her garden shed, to expanding her sound and vision in collaboration with co-producers, and only just getting started with her first release of 'Killing Time' - she's in the process of creating and becoming an artist you may not want to miss.

Erin LeCount is signed to Good as Gold Records, under which she will be releasing her debut EP in early 2023. Good As Gold Records was founded by Kurtis Mckenzie (aka The Arcade). The multi-Platinum, Grammy-winning hitmaker has achieved phenomenal success with artists as varied as Doja Cat, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino and Maroon 5.


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