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Alluring downtempo duo soon to share ‘don't call me from Los Angeles’, with announcement of "DELIRIA" album via Future Archive Recordings!

Downtempo electronic duo ERA C will be sharing their upcoming album DELIRIA on the 28th of May via Future Archive Recordings. Accompanying the album is the outstanding track, ‘don’t call me from Los Angeles’. The single follows the release of ‘0-60 mph’ as well as the Arms and Sleepers edit of their single ‘DELIRIA’ which was mixed by Sun Glitters and the album will also be available to purchase on limited edition milky clear vinyl, with only 250 copies cut. ERA C is the collaborative project of Mirza Ramic from the well-known Arms and Sleepers duo and Sofia Insua of the established band Easy Easy.

Arms and Sleepers have previously received support from numerous tastemaker publications, as well as airplay on notable radio stations. The duo has toured globally and shared a stage with well-known acts such as Toro Y Moi, Wax Tailor, Nightmares On Wax, Max Cooper and Caspian, amongst others. In total, the pair has received over 33 million streams on Spotify and Apple Music alone. Easy Easy have performed at shows with several big artists including Sean Paul, Ximena Sariñana, Incubus, Camilo Séptimo, Little Jesus and Mi Sobrino Memo. The quartet has collected nearly 3 million plays on Spotify alone and appear on the renowned Majestic Casual playlist.

Sofia Insua was born in Guatemala and is currently based in Berlin, Germany along with Mirza Ramic, who was born in Bosnia & Herzegovina and lived most of his adult life in Boston, USA before moving to Germany. The duo draw inspiration from the likes of Oneohtrix Point Never, Grouper and Low. ‘0-60 mph’ calls to mind the likes of FKA Twigs, Bjork, Massive Attack, and Lana Del Rey.

A transnational creation that embodies a unique selection of influences in a delicate offering to all that life has to offer, DELIRIA is an ode to travel, and discovery. Finding its home somewhere between romantic elements, bitter points of distrust and hope for the future, the LP envelopes all with its wavering electronic beats and irresistible vocals. ‘don’t call me from Los Angeles’ is a harsh look at communications with a missing love, driven by deep basslines and irrefutable lyrics. ERA C proves to be a captivating mix of unusual tempos to both express and lull away hardships.

Speaking of the LP, Sofia Insua tells us:

“DELIRIA is about distance and its sneaky way of censoring the heart, preventing it from feeling. I wrote the tracks during various transitional periods in my life, so I was going through change - adapting, looking for the next steps, and finding ways for love to survive. Some of the most defining lyrics on the record popped up in my head while walking busy streets, while travelling, while in motion. I was discovering myself geographically and through the songs that ended being ‘DELIRIA’.”


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