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Enumclaw announces new album and signs with Run For Cover Records. The band shares lead single & video "Change".

Tacoma, Washington’s-own Enumclaw announces their much-anticipated second album "Home In Another Life", out August 30th. The news of the band’s forthcoming LP also announces their signing to renowned Boston-based label Run For Cover Records.

Celebrating the signing and the announcement of their new album, Enumclaw share their direct, immediate new single “Change.”

The song is the first taste of what fans can expect from "Home In Another Life", paired with a heart-warming video directed by frequent collaborator John C. Peterson

Co-produced by Ben Zaidi and Enumclaw, "Home In Another Life" is the natural expansion of the high-octane rock foundation the band built with their widely-praised 2022 debut album "Save The Baby". Across the eleven tracks of "Home In Another Life", vocalist and principle songwriter Aramis Johnson opens his chest cavity for louder, resolute songs written to pour out of basement shows and reverberate through stadiums in equal measure.

With uncomplicated songwriting that crystallises distinct feelings – ashing cigarettes on the kitchen counter to incite a reaction or finding truth at the bottom of a beer can – to anthemic guitar riffs and an electric energy, Aramis and the band have made their most resonant body of work to-date. "Home In Another Life" brings the world to Tacoma rather than the other way around.

Enumclaw is rounded out by guitarist Nathan Cornell, drummer LaDaniel Gipson, bassist (and Aramis’ younger brother) Eli Edwards.

"Save The Baby" was followed up by the EP "These Are Some B-Sides", which was produced by Chaz Bear (Toro y Moi) and acts as a natural bridge between the band’s debut and their impending new album. In the time since the release of "Save The Baby", Enumclaw has criss-crossed North America, performing across the continent to serve fans in both major markets and small towns that are often overlooked on routed tour runs.

The band have also played across Europe and seen significant support in the UK, with further dates in the pipeline.

Pre-order / save Home in Another Life here


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