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Dog Race

Dog Race share new single "The Leader" and folk horror themed video.

Bedford's Dog Race believe in the power of patience, having built a feverous word of mouth buzz for a series of mysterious, often last-minute DIY shows across London.

Following their acclaimed debut single 'Terror', produced by Jessica Winter, the rising alternative band continued their steady build of quality over quantity with the follow-up 'There's A Mouse In My House' and then the propulsive 'It's The Squeeze' this Spring, a song that opened further doors for them at BBC 6 Music.

Both of these singles were produced and mixed by the insightful Ali Chant (Dry Cleaning, Sorry, Portishead) and today the band share another in the form of 'The Leader', an icy, operatic fever dream that weaves dark cultish imagery and haunting baroque choral chants.

Evoking a sense of foreboding and mystique with its ethereal layers, the band combine gothy post-punk, brittle indie-pop and cold wave to create a spectral sound that is increasingly distinctive as one of their own. Continuing to work with producer Chant and joining forces with Fascination Street Records (Oslo Twins, Pem) has resulted in a new chapter, creating some of their darkest works to date.

Dog Race have invited intrigue around their name on the live circuit after performances supporting Francis of Delirium, Fat Dog, Maruja, M(h)aol, Nightbus, Voka Gentle, Nuha Ruby Ra and Oslo Twins. In addition, they have graced the stage at Visions Festival, performed live on BBC 6 Music’s New Music Fix, and won a shortlist spot to play at Truck Festival this July.

Their previous singles found champions in the likes of The Line of Best Fit, Clash, Notion, Dork, So Young, and BBC Radio 1 as well as achieving a playlist spot on BBC Radio 6. The impression they left is well captured by Anthony Fantano:

“Everybody watching who is into some weird shit, especially stuff that has a bit of a goth edge to it, pay attention to this track over here…This track over here has really stunned me… Unreal vibe.”

Paired to a stunning video evoking folk horror, and one where vocalist Katie Healy is buried alive, she had the following to say about the band's new single:

“‘The Leader’ feels like the perfect continuation from ‘It’s The Squeeze’, building on our newly defined sound yet teasing how much more we have to offer. It sets its narrative around a protagonist who is thrown into inner turmoil when confronted with a fee to cross into the afterlife, convinced she had already paid her dues.”

Tour Dates

28th July - Truck Festival, Oxford

10th August - Haldern Pop Festival, Germany

25th August - Shacklewell Arms, London

27th September - Yes Basement, Manchester

28th September - Float Along Festival, Sheffield

18th-19th October - Left Of The Dial, Rotterdam


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