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Shares new single "There's No God" taken from new album Twist And Doubt out september 18th, 2020 LP on Field Mates Records.

Can you see? Someone walking down the street. Black shoes, black jeans, white shirt, sun and frozen snow. There's nothing in his pockets. Can you hear? Someone singing at the bar. Red velvet stage, black shoes, white shirt, blue guitar tunes at night. Can you feel? Gentle movements in the room. Grey smoke, black shoes, black jeans. Anxious smiles and sad goodbyes. The rolling bass, the clapping hands, cold and distant sounding drums. Soft regrets and “oohs” and “aahs”. And then the voice. A german shepherd with a broken heart. A wedding singer, booked for his own divorce. But this was long ago. A different life. A better suit. Can you hear? Someone passing late at night. Sleeping in the car. Singing old songs in new towns, new songs for old pals. Can you see? Black shoes, white shirt, black jeans. Délage is walking down the street. Délage is playing in your dreams.

Délage is a musician from Amsterdam who takes a dark turn on the biggest matter of all time: Love. In his second album Twist and Doubt (Field Mate Records, Paris), sacred synths and distant guitars are mixed with dry bass lines and rolling drum patterns. They build the backdrop of an imaginative movie in which the lyrics announce the agony of love, absurd commitment, impatience of the heart and the necessity of the other. A mix of Twisted Dark Melodic Pop, NDW, Cold Wave, Hypnagogic pop and early 60s pop songs; vaguely in the veins of John Maus, Grauzone, Nick Cave, Ariel Pink, Trisomie 21, Joy Divison.

Backed by his band members who equally stranded in Amsterdam at one point in their lives, Délage sings in English, German and French.

Délage are: Till Hormann, alter ego and creative force, guitar, keys, saxophone and first voice; Lukas Varady Szabo, keys and low choir; and Marius Schwarz, bass and high choir.

Délage - Twist And Doubt


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