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Das Beat

Das Beat share new single & video "Paragraph 1" out now via Arbutus Records.

Founded in Berlin in 2021 with the release of their "Identität EP", Das Beat, a duo of made up of Agor of Blue Hawaii & German actress Eddie Rabenberg, are back with their new singleParagraph 1”.

Speaking about the track, the band said

"'Paragraph 1' is a moody dark song, written and preformed in German about the disgust one feels towards someone they once loved. It’s haunted and chanting vocals are held together by a chugging beat dotted with scratchy synths, industrial screeches, and pounding drums.

It’s a punky fuck you kind of ode."

Blending sounds of New Wave, Dark Disco, Indie, & Dance, their sound is unified by the vocals of Eddie Rabenberger, sung and belted in both German and English. Amidst the spirited lyrics lies a strong dancey pulse, pinning down the duo’s dreamy atmospherics, guitars and percussion.

The duo is half-Canadian and half-German. Dj Kirby (Blue Hawaii), moved to Berlin from Montreal in 2018. Eddie is a theatre actor originally from a small town in southern Germany. Together they find an alluring symbiosis - like Giorgio Moroder meets Nico, or Gina X Performance finds The Prodigy.

Das Beat live:

21st Oct 2022 - Paris, FR - La Station (Tickets)

10th Nov 2022 - Berlin, DE - Sameheads (Tickets)

Stream / Download here


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