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Das Beat

Berlin-based duo Das Beat share new single "Last Laugh" out now via Arbutus Records.

Berlin-based duo Das Beat, made up of Agor of Blue Hawaii & German actress Eddie Rabenberg, are today sharing their new single "Last Laugh", which is out now via Arbutus Records. The band are also set to play a number of shows in Europe in the coming month with a London show this week on Feb 9th.

Speaking about the track, the band said

"Who laughs last does not necessarily laugh the best. There's always more to any situation than meets the eye and it's hard to see it from any one perspective. The song plays with German sayings and inspires one to just let go and have fun."

Blending sounds of New Wave, Dark Disco, Indie, & Dance, their sound is unified by the vocals of Eddie Rabenberger, sung and belted in both German and English. Amidst the spirited lyrics lies a strong dancey pulse, pinning down the duo’s dreamy atmospherics, guitars and percussion.

The duo is half-Canadian and half-German. Dj Kirby (Blue Hawaii), moved to Berlin from Montreal in 2018. Eddie is a theatre actor originally from a small town in southern Germany. Together they find an alluring symbiosis - like Giorgio Moroder meets Nico, or Gina X Performance finds The Prodigy.

Photo by Joel Ivan Thomas

Das Beat live

Feb 9th - London, UK Venue MOT Feb 18th - Munich, DE Import/Export March 3rd - Zurich, CH Zentralwaescherei


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