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Daria Fisher

Producer and singer Daria Fisher shares new single and video "Feels Like" from her debut album, "Change Is Good".

Daria Fisher has released her debut album, "Change Is Good". An album about imaginary friends and the world that anyone can create in their heads.

Her new track "Feels Like" is part of this fictional world, on this track, Daria reflects an imaginary conversation with a non-existent friend.

“I decided to record the album totally by myself, I wanted this LP to be a record of what my moods sound like".

Daria Says.

"It was very important for me to write the material completely and convey my exact feelings to the listener. This collection of songs is an imaginary world that I created in my head. People, events and friends. A certain kind of communication on another level, Sometimes what you cannot find,

you start to invent and develop in your head".

"All this album is mostly about my imaginary world and the friends I create in my mind. I always have that unreal conversation with them, and helped me to create this abstract and wonderful musical world. I wrote it and produced myself more than 2 years".

Since she was 6, Daria busked on the street playing her violin. Music runs deep in her veins, and this gave her the chance to play to the public in many European cities.

"With me was a column on wheels and various processors for the violin and vocals. After that, I started to compose music for my album to launch this story".

Daria is not only a sound producer, singer and violinist, she loves to collaborate with other artists in many projects, in 2019 she was Nike Woman Ambassador along other heroines from the world of sports, music, art and fashion.


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