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Cailin Russo

LA based pop singer & model Cailin Russo shares new single and video "Die Down".

Her new single "Die Down" is a sultry, otherworldly song written about the isolating effect of an intense connection.

"I painted the song as a two people meeting at a party and then magnetically connecting so much to the point where everything around them dissipates when they're together song for the night,"

Cailin shares.

Written with JJ Scheffy and co-produced by iann dior collaborator Andrew Luce and JJ, "Die Down" crackles with sensuality with Cailin's falsetto, layered vocals, eerie synths, and a repeating chorus where each word feels like it's dripping off the next.

The song is accompanied by a music video that depicts a Cailin as a cyberpunk heroine.

Directed by Lane Stewart and featuring French model Sofiane Brahmi, the video references the techno thriller video game Metal Gear Solid.

"I loved playing games like 007 growing up so when my creative director introduced me to Metal Gear Solid, I was so excited to channel that energy for this video,"

Cailin shares.

"It's about two lovers who get so close they’re frightened by their vulnerability and feel the need to destroy each other before they show all their cards."

Cailin Russo is an ever evolving enigma. The LA based pop experimentalist has been described by friends as "unpredictable," and that's the way she likes it. Cailin's never been just one thing, and her new music showcases the breadth of her influences and the depth of her talent. Cailin started her career modeling before launching her eponymous punk band RUSSO, and is now paving her own lane as a solo artist.

Cailin's curiosity about the intersection of different communities and mediums has led her to be tapped for various cutting edge collaborations, including the song "Phoenix" for the eminent online game, League of Legends, which has amassed over 140 million streams. Continuing to extend her infectious aura into the virtual world.

Cailin has been active in Web3 and even walked (via avatar) in the first ever metaverse fashion show in collaboration with Florence fashion house AVAVAV and metaverse fashion community BNV.


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