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Melbourne producer, singer and songwriter BATTS shares brand new song "All That I Need" from her forthcoming album The Nightline, released 14th October via Mistletone / I Feel Fine Records.

With its slow-burn driving beats, pulsing synths and exultant chorus "All that I need / right here, right now," the single reveals another dimension to the world Tanya Batt has created on her forthcoming album The Nightline, released 14th October via Mistletone / I Feel Fine Records.

""All That I Need" is about a beautiful trip; whether it be with psychedelics, love or a crazy life experience. It's about being with someone you love, and that being all that you need in that

moment in time,”

says BATTS.

She adds that the synth sounds are

“heavily inspired by the 'inflatable wavy air dancer' you see at car sale lots.”

The Nightline was inspired by an interactive audio project commissioned by Melbourne’s RISING Festival 2021 which invited the city’s insomniacs, night owls and dreamers to leave voicemail messages from midnight-6am. Struck by the vulnerability and therapeutic quality of the messages left by The Nightline’s callers, Batt wrote what became the title track of her album. Each song on The Nightline is its own little therapy session; whether pouring her heart out, having an excellent trip, or struggling to come to terms with life-changing illness.

The Nightline's open-book honesty traces the contours of grief, trauma and living with disabling chronic illness, following Batt’s diagnosis with Vestibular Migraine and PPPD. Her unflinching ability to deal with deeply emotive subject matter, and her ambitious vision as a producer, makes The Nightline a platform from which BATTS tackles her demons from a place of strength.

BATTS has so far in her career looked to the stars. Her critically acclaimed debut album The Grand Tour (2019), a concept album centred around the NASA Voyager missions, was meticulously researched and executed with a glorious sense of wanderlust. The re-emergence of BATTS with a breathtakingly expansive collaboration with former tour-mate Sharon Van Etten, the glorious duet "Blue", hinted that much has changed.

The Nightline sees BATTS drop her gaze from the heavens, looking inwards and covering more earthly issues such as grief, chronic illness, love and mental illness.

The Nightline will be available on black vinyl and in a choice of x2 limited edition colours: green, and hot mustard. Pre-order here.


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