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Toronto punk band BAD WAITRESS share new single "Too Many Bad Habits" via Royal Mountain Records.

Today we're excited to introduce you to Toronto-based four-piece punk rock band from Toronto, Bad Waitress. The group are sharing their new single "Too Many Bad Habits" online now via Royal Mountain Records.

Speaking about the track, the band said

"Bad Habits. We all have them and the guilt surrounding them eats us up. This song is a cathartic expression of the frustration that emerges from constantly teetering on the edge.

It’s screaming into the faces of the devil and angel whispering in your ear.

'Too Many Bad Habits to be this broke' is a working class battle cry."

Starting their musical adventures as The Nude Dogs, Bad Waitress was recently signed to Royal Mountain Records.

They incorporate heavy licks, intense energy, and strong satire. They put out their first EP as Bad Waitress called "Party bangers: Volume 1" on 4.20 of 2018 and are currently working on their first full length. As a collective they strive to create an empowering, inclusive and positive environment for people to rage out and have a fucking awesome time with some ferocious, shameless, eccentric music mania.

Photo: Calm Elliott- Armstrong


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