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BABii shares new one-off rework "BEAST (1011 remix)".

This release wasn’t meant to happen. BABii’s original version of "BEAST" came out back in February and following the release of the EP iii+ back in May had set her sights on building a home studio and working on her second album. However, as BABii describes, this changed upon hearing a snippet of 1011’s remix: 

“1011 posted a small part of this remix he made in his Instagram story and it took me by surprise.

I thought it was just too good not to release.

So the never ending story of my ep iii continues. Haha”.

1011 says of the remix:

BABii is wonderful. She creates art that feels refreshing and honest.

So I was stoked to make something with her.

My idea for this remix of BEAST was to contrast the uplifting and warm feel of her vocals with

something discomforting and sombre”.

The EP iii originally came out in March but saw a variety of incarnations demonstrating BABii’s trademark creativity and imagination with the extended version ‘iii+, a live interpretation using real instruments ‘iii-‘ and an acapella version ‘iii=’.

BABii -BEAST (1011 REMiix)


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