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Baasch & Museless

Baasch and Museless cover Mecano's “Ya viene el sol”, a track from 1984.

How would Mecano sound today? Although Baasch is known for his dark, cold electro sound, he has been planning to

record a summer hit for a long time. Last year in Spain he discovered Ya viene el sol (The Sun Is Coming) a track by Mecano - the most popular Spanish pop group of all times. He produced the track in his own distinctive music style and invited

Museless, the electronic music producer from Barcelona to sing it with him. Her voice added an extra color and sensual taste to the track.

The video for the track was shooted by Spanish director and photographer Laura Martinova, starring dancers Mabel Olea and Guillem Gutierrez also from Spain. The video was shot in Warsaw, and Barcelona.

The whole thing is kept in a very vintage look inspired by 80s when the original version of the song was recorded.

Ya viene el sol is Baasch’s first artistic activity in Spain.

Museless (Laura Llopart) is a young Barcelona creator who pays as much attention to the production as she does to the melody. Museless in her productions blends the warmth of synth pop with the mystery of trip-hop. Her music is based on beautiful melodies, delicate piano parts and driving beats. Her style helped her to become the new electronic diva in Spain.

Baasch is one of the most distinctive, original and well-known artists on Polish alternative and electronic scene. His music is known for his characteristic, hypnotizing vocal, dark electropop sound and catchy melodies. He is also one of the most self-contained artists on the Polish alternative scene. He developed his own recognizable style efficiently moving between electronics and synth-pop.

Laura Martinova is a director from Barcelona. Laura directed several music videos for American and European bands as for example Bad Gyal, Clubz or Paula Cendejas. Her films are very aesthetic and a bit surreal. She works with fashion and movement to create unique emotional stories.


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