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Alicia Clara

Alicia Clara releases lead single ‘Five’ off upcoming debut EP Outsider/Unusual.

Alicia Clara releases debut single ‘Five’ off forthcoming EP Outsider/Unusual to be released February 2021 via new Montreal label Hot Tramp Records.

Giving you dreamy pop sounds with a 90s shoegaze flair, ‘Five’ is a track that longs for times unknown, future or past. While delivering both nostalgia and wishful thinking the track speaks to failed relationships and the human condition on earth.

As Alicia describes,

‘it is a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy about having finally forgiven past hurt, all the while still being unable to let myself feel anything out of fear of

getting hurt again.’

This single follows up Alicia’s first-ever release ‘Closing Time at the Gates’ in February 2020, where she received acclaim for the track from top media outlets Gorilla vs. Bear, David Dean Burkhart, and Exclaim.

The release landed her on top Spotify playlists such as Fresh Finds Pop and secured her a spot at POP Montreal’s Fall 2020 festival.

Growing up training professionally in ballet, Alicia has always associated music to a full body and mind experience.

Throughout the process of recording EP Outsider/Unusual, Alicia and her band have explored new styles ranging from psych pop to more shoegaze-y alt-pop.

The forthcoming EP will give you a collection of sounds from the fringes of pop music, wonderfully combined to make what is sure to be the first of many albums by Alicia Clara.

Alicia Clara - Five (single)

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