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Share two new singles "JNR Showtime" and "New Curfew" from debut album 'Book of Curses' out November 6th on What's Your Rupture?.

Adulkt Life, a new band comprised of Huggy Bear’s Chris RowleyMale Bonding’s John Arthur Webb and Kevin Hendrick, and drummer Sonny Barrett, have shared two new tracks from their debut album, 'Book Of Curses', out November 6th on What’s Your Rupture?

Following recently released singles Country Pride”, “Stevie K” and Taking Hits,” the band have dropped two more tasters, showcasing the dynamic energy and self-questioning fury that surges throughout the album. On JNR Showtime,” Rowley's vocals are audibly pained as he addresses child abuse with rage and disgust, while the album's affecting closer "New Curfew" is a song about the contradictions of youthful protest and unrest from the perspective of a parent whose daughter may soon be rioting herself. Can he stop her? Would he want to?

The cut-and-paste word collages Rowley once shouted in Huggy Bear are as cool and thrilling as ever on Book Of Curses’—with chiselled noise hooks expertly mixed by Webb and mastered by Total Control’s Mikey Young, fitting the “cold war bubblegum” aesthetic called out in the lyrics—but charged by the high-stakes of adulthood. On Book Of Curses’, punk means never surrendering your creativity or your curiosity.

‘Book of Curses’ will be released on November 6th via What’s Your Rupture?

Pre-order it here.


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