Holy Fuck released the new single "Free Gloss", featuring Pond singer

Nicholas Allbrook.

The single is from their next album "Deleter" (tb released January 17).

The album was recently teased with the first single "Luxe" (ft. Alexis Taylor).

The band toured with Hot Chip, in addition to their own sold-out European tour.


"Our music can be dark and sometimes striking, even relentless,"

“Free Gloss was designed as a way for us to enlighten ourselves and bring joy and stability while maintaining that ecstatic

energy and intensity that we love.

We started to tinker with the main riff and the structure of this track as an idea to take the listener on a euphoric sonic journey and explore the push / pull, tension and relaxation movements that you can transcribe on the dance floor.

In many ways, this track reminds us all of something like the 90s. When we wrote the main keyboard riff, we immediately thought

of Much Music, our Canadian equivalent of MTV, specifically

their dance show in direct, Electric Circus, or to their

compilation album Extenda-Dance Mix 93.

The accidental soundtrack of our young people. Looking back now, these shows explore the clash of humanity with

technology, and even of humanity in technology.

Repetitive electronic music with unpredictable human movement, which corresponds to the way we write and interpret our music. "

"Free Gloss" is one of the highlights from Holy Fuck's fifth album "Deleter".

The band, which has followed its own rules for 15 years, is at the most successful moment of their career as one of the most influential and best exporters of their country. A harmonious blend of the strength of krautrock and the ineffable

reverie of deep house, and a skillful fusion of purring percussion with sparkling synths that so often sends clubbers into a trance.

Coming at a time when attention falls and anxiety rages, “Deleter” is a challenging business. Polyrhythmic and fun-oriented, it is an album that explores what happens when humanity and technology merge into a great semi-organic celebration of spontaneity, repetition and individuality.

As the band explain:

"Robots are smarter than ever and the algorithm knows more and more what we like as individuals, but we have to remember that there is music in them. margins that can disappear and that it

is more important than ever.

Marginal or not, "Deleter" is the sound of Holy Fuck which flows freely in its own ecosystem. As a listener, you have the choice: continue with passive consumption or push back, commit and move on. Something like "Deleter".

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Holy Fuck


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