Brooklyn artist and producer Yohuna announces new album ‘Mirroring’

and shares title track from the album

Brooklyn artist and producer Yohuna aka Johanne Swanson announces new album ‘Mirroring’ will be released 07 June 2019 via Orchid Tapes (US) and Fear of Missing Out Records (UK), 
 and shares title track from the album. ‘Mirroring’ was produced by Eric Littman

(Julie Byrne, Vagabon, Phantom Posse) and follows on from the acclaimed debut album

Patientness’ (2016).


“I see you / is that just me? / mirroring,” sings Johanne Swanson, marveling at her own life from afar, on the title track from her latest, “Mirroring.” Every word drawn out over swelling guitars, the drums bounce along, as she circles on feeling lost in a relationship.

As a songwriter and producer, Johanne Swanson—who performs as Yohuna—maintains a masterful ability to distill chaos into calm; to contemplate the more challenging and messy

matters of heart and mind with a self-assured deadpan stare and pointed stillness.

Here, she adds some of her most sweeping arrangements to date, with cello riffs that sing like a grounding human voice, harp and trombone, drums that push her loudest hooks yet forward.
And unlike her previous synth-centered work, Mirroring was written entirely on guitar.

For Swanson, the process of building a record often involves meditating on a self-coined mantra

of sorts. Mirroring follows her debut, 2016’s Patientness, an ode to patience, endurance, and
duality. Mirroring is similarly a vehicle for processing, for reflection on how relationships can refract our sense of self; on the confused boundaries that allow someone else’s life to become

your own; on untangling yourself from that. There are inquiries into the process of seeing,

of being seen, of what someone else chooses not to see. 

Mirroring” is released via Orchid Tapes & Fear of Missing Out Records 7 June 2019.



9 March - Pianos Upstairs (New Colossus Fest) - NYC, NY
10 March - Coney Island Baby (New Colossus Festival) - NYC, NY
5 April - Park Church Co-Op - Brooklyn, NY (w/ Spencer Radcliffe)



Yohuna - Mirroring (Official Audio)

Yohuna - 'Mirroring'

Pre-order here


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