Dance To Hits

In the midst of what is shaping up to be an incredibly busy and rewarding year for Xinobi.

He is pleased today to announce the release of his new single

"Dance To Hits".

For years now Xinobi has been a staple of the Portuguese electronic music scene. Dominating

that deep house and techno sound has seen him make a mark not only in his own country but right across Europe and further afar. Despite Xinobi's appetite for devouring various sounds and genres there is a unique watermark and consistency to his output. Due not least to his musical and arrangement-based skills.

"Dance To Hits" marks his first release of original music since the release of last year's sophomore album "On The Quiet", seeing him once again pair up Margarida Falçao.

As he did on that album's runaway hit tune "Far Away Place", here she returns to add her unique shimmering female vocals to a brooding and pulsating track, with a deep undertone.

"I wanted to do something about how music can save you mentally"

says Xinobi (moniker of Bruno Cardoso) of the tracks theme.

With lyrics such as:

I Dance To Hits / I Know you're just trying to help me out / But I lose it / I lose my mind.

The music's louder now highlighting the effect music can have on your mental state.

In this case coming across as dark sounding musical therapy.

After releasing a few solid EP's and two full lenghts album's Xinobi has gained real recognition among established and well-known artist and opinion-makers, and his underground cult has amplified. Here he hopes to further his reputation, creating yet another uniquely catchy and beautiful pop tune to accompany the summer, a reminder that however how we are feeling, music always makes everything better.

"Dance To Hits" is out on Discotexas, the ever-growing and influential label he formed with his friends and work-partners Moullinex and MR. Mitsuhirato

 Buy / Stream 'Dance To Hits' (Extended Mix) here



Xinobi - Dance To Hits

Directed and produced by: Bráulio Amado

Xinobi – Dance To Hits


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