Weston Smith transports the listener into an anxious mind in his first single “Crystal Kingdom”.

Greetings From The Crystal Kingdom EP (out April 26) transports the listener into an anxious mind struggling to find a deep connection with surrounding life in Weston Smith’s latest synth endeavour. Everyone is so close yet so far, tucked away behind the gates

of  The Crystal Kingdom.

“Crystal Kingdom” is the lead single off of Greetings From The Crystal Kingdom EP.

Weston says: 


The Crystal Kingdom was created to represent the distance I have with everyone around me. Pushing people away seems like a specialty of mine, but it’s only created negative effects in my life. I’m on the outside and everyone’s tucked away in the safety of the Crystal Kingdom.

This song features an array of synth layers, ranging from synth

bass to synth pan flute and it shares the evolution of

my production.”

And when asked about the sophomore single, the artist continues: “Missing” is the product of pure
loneliness. Using shimmering synth lines and an ongoing drum groove, I’ve created a tune that shares my hope to come back to the person I care for the most while keeping the listener’s

hips waying.



Weston Smith - Greetings from The Crystal Kingdom

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