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New album 'In The Dark' coming 1rst March

After 2017's debut album Figure, the Icelandic eletro dream-pop band will return with the follow-up 'In The Dark' - recorded with the multi-platinum British producer James Earp, whose work includes Brit Award nominee Lewis Capaldi, Bipolar Sunshine and Fickle Friends. The eleven-track album was recorded between James' studio in Notting Hill and the band's home studio in Reykjavík.


As titles go, the record's name is telling. Though it is, at times, a euphoric and light sounding listen, bringing in influences ranging from Tame Impala through to The Weeknd and even The 1975, its focus is on life's testing experiences. 


"It seems happier on the surface but once you go into it there are darker undertones and sadder lyrics." 

says frontwoman Margrét Ran, who wrote the record in collaboration with band member Einar Stef.

It's also Vök's most personal album yet, as Margrét steps forward as the group's lead lyricist. Take the track 'Round Two':

"Originally, this song was supposed to represent my androgynous self, how difficult it was as a 15-year old girl to all of the sudden dress up as a boy... and how proud I am for coming out at that age." she explains.

Each track on ‘In The Dark’ presents two stories a tale of good and bad, where a resolution can always be found somewhere between these opposing forces. This idea is reinforced by the bookending of the record, as it opens with “In the Dark”, released today and based around fears and self doubts, and overcoming them and concludes with “Out of the Dark”, where there’s a sense of freedom and renewed determination to push things forward.


Vök upcoming second album 'In The Dark' is out 1st March, 2019 on Nettwerk Music Group.




Vök – "In The Dark"

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