Named after the Icelandic word for 'hole in the ice', Vök is comprised of Margrét Rán (vox/guitar/keyboard), Andri Már (sax/synth), Ólafur Alexander (guitar/bass), and Einar Stef (drums/percussion).

Formed in 2013 by Margrét and Andri, the group was initially conceived to enter the annual and highly coveted 'Battle of the Bands-esque' competition Músíktilraunir, which Vök subsequently won.

Previously winners include prominent Icelandic artists Of Monsters and Men and Samaris.  

Produced by Brett Cox (Jack Garratt, Tusks), the Vök's debut album Figure is full of distorted pulses and dreamy hooks, and influenced by everything from The Weeknd and Little Dragon to existential sci-fi cinema.


Their ambitious first full-length spans a whole spectrum of sounds. 

Figure sees the band incorporating new recording techniques but still retaining the hugely atmospheric sound which has made them one of the Icelandic acts to watch over the past couple of years.

Figure is out April 28th 2017 and follows the Icelandic band's critically acclaimed EPs Circles (2015) and Tension (2013).

We are so glad to present to you, Einar Stef once again at Bizzarre, to speak about Vök and their incredible first LP Figures.

Bizzarre: What do you find yourself wishing for the most to happen at this moment?

Einar Stef: For this tour to be amazing. For people to enjoy our new album. For continuous good vibes within band :) 


B: Something that you regret you couldn ́t do when you had the chance and time...

ES: Life is easier with no regrets. 


B: What are the things that you miss the most when you're not at home?


1. My family

2. My bed

3. My sound system


B: Your country brings a unique atmosphere, nature, beauty, mysticism, how much impact it has in your music?

ES: Our surroundings will always have an impact on the band’s creativity, but the people around us have more of an impact. 


B: Vök is crossing boarders, people are getting to know you, Did you imagine that you were going to summon so many fans from many countries?

ES: None of us imagined it happening so quickly, and we are very grateful to our fans internationally and locally. It’s completely surreal to come to a new place and people come to our shows and even sing along. Amazing feeling.

B: You haven ́t stop basically since you started the project, How can you handle this busy rythm of life you have now?

ES: It’s hard work! We try and work as much as we can together and have proper teamwork. It’s the only way to make this possible. 


B: Finally Figures, your first LP ever, will be out, a magnificent album with your

characteristic sound and amazing new features and techniques, tell us, how was it to work with the Producer Brett Cox, and what was the most valuable and important point by working with him?

ES: Brett is a wonderful person and has the perfect balance of professionalism & friendship! What we value the most in working with him are his attention to detail, talent for capturing ‘the moment’, and his dynamic workflow. 


B: After the success of your previous EP’s, was it hard to repeat and create a good album like Figures?

ES: We are amazed of all the songs, they are all different with their

own personality.


B: Which one will describe the best the spirit of the album, and why?

ES: We had some difficult days, but for the most part it was a very fun process. We experimented a lot and did many things we had not done before, such as recording acoustic drums and creating our own library of sounds and samples.

We are very happy to have found Brett who helped us glue this album


B: Our first listen of the album was "Show Me", you did an amazing video for this single, please, tell us how was the process, the ideas you had for this special first single and who worked with you to bring this song visually to life...

ES: Happy to hear that you like the album! :) In my opinion it is the title track

“Figure” that captures the spirit of the album. It has the most ‘overall’ sound of the work; a balanced mix of electronic vs. acoustic. The lyrics also really

reflect the essence of this record. 

B: Which Artists inspired you while you were recording Figures?

ES: Little Dragon, Bon Iver, The Weeknd, Gorillaz, Glass Animals, Massive Attack. 

B: Tell us what do you expect from Figures, what we will experience in your live performances, and which countries you would love to visit with this release...

ES: The live performances have gotten bigger! It’s wonderful to play the new songs live. We will be playing a lot of material from the new album as well as some of our older songs as well. Our live shows should have something for everyone :)

We are really looking forward to being back in Poland; every time is a surreal

experience. We are also looking forward to going outside of Europe. Hopefully


B: Describe Figures with 3 Icelandic words (and the meaning)...

Tilfinningaríkt - Emotional 

Lífrænt - Organic 

Dýnamískt - Dynamic

Vök - Show Me 

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