Shares new single "Through the Fallopian" taken from the album

'Fidget At The Podium'.

Born and raised in Melbourne, and now based in Stockholm Sweden. Thomas played in a lounge-pop band as a teenager for a few years in Australia. Big limitations on creativity. Pop focused.

He had a good time for a few years, got airplay on national radio & won some lame awards that were apparently prestigious. After that he started Kins. A 4-piece rock band

"With ideally no concept other than “no more creative limitations”.

Which of course is a farce - there’s always creative limitations of some sort.

In essence I’d just swapped them out for some fresh, new and fun
limitations.  That spent a few years morphing from a solo project into a band which we all came to hold dear".
Thomas says.

"Eventually it had run its course & we moved on to other things. So I started Vilde. Still aimless of course I decided that a fun course of action would be

to release one album per year".

Which brings us to the fallopian. 'Through the Fallopian' is single #3 of album #3, as he explains:


“From fetus to adulthood, our options expand. These days it's overwhelming just how much choice some of us have. It can be a strong catalyst for the manifestation of FOMO & apathy. I think it's important to consider that 

and to take an active mental step against it.

'Through the Fallopian' is emoted upon that, it's a song of optimism

and love.”



30 / 8 - Sebright Arms, London
31 / 8 Hope And Ruin, Brighton



Vilde - Through The Fallopian 

Vilde – Through the Fallopian

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