Vilde shares "Grace", the first single from the upcoming 4th LP, due for release in the summer of 2020

Thomas Savage aka Vilde began with the monthly single release campaign culminating in 12 songs comprising Study/Dance in 2017, followed by 2018’s Thud and Fidget At The Podium in 2019.
Grace is the first single from the upcoming 4th LP, due for release in the summer of 2020.
The record was mixed by Thomas Savage and David Pye [Wild Beasts, Dido] and mastered by Eric James [Dame Joan Sutherland, Faithless, James Holden] at Philosophers Barn,

Thomas writes: 

“I discovered the chord progression one day on a guitar, and played it repeatedly for about 40 minutes.
Everything fell into place in my mind, the beat, the synths. I avoided beginning production on it, working on other songs instead, for fear

I’d ruin it. Or perhaps to have something rock solid to fall back on if

I felt I’d come to a roadblock.
I’d never performed spoken-word on any song so far, so it surprised me when I dove straight in with it on Grace, without even attempting a

vocal melody. It felt so immediately right that I never ended up

attempting an actual melody.
It was sort of a get-in, get-out approach, as if that process would

help the thing retain its purity.”

The music video was filmed in Great Yarmouth on a rainy February evening, filming and editing

by Elin Ghersinich.
Thomas writes of the video:

“I've always loved the scene in the film Lost in Translation where Scarlett Johansson goes wandering through a games hall. So I wanted to make a video purely in a games hall. It’s such a strange blend of community,
isolation, loneliness and inclusion".

Vilde makes an album per year, collaborating with him in this adventure is Jesper Hättander at the drums, and Elin Ghersinich with the incredible art direction and visuals.

Grace is taken from the upcoming album, 'Slingshot'.



Vilde - Grace

VILDE – Grace (single)


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